Get Windows 10 running on a Raspberry Pi

How to get Windows 10 IoT Core running on a Raspberry Pi There are at least two suggested ways to get #Windows 10 #IoT Core installed and running on a #Raspberry #Pi 3. Installing directly from the Microsoft distribution site to the micro SD card did NOT work for me. To install Windows 10, I … Continue reading

Finding a rectangle in a hay stack: identifying an object in a #PointCloud

Once a plane is located in a point cloud, some #VirtualReality / #AugmentedReality applications need to know the extent of the planar surface. Here I describe a method to determine the rectangular boundaries of the plane. The point cloud is assumed to be sufficiently dense and points on the plane appear as a relatively flat, … Continue reading

Using Principal Components Analysis to determine the best fitting plane from locations in a #PointCloud

3-d scanners determine locations of points on surfaces thereby creating a point cloud in 3 dimensional space. This point cloud is used to determine the surface of objects scanned with the total set determining a mesh that can be printed or used in #VirtualReality / #AugmentedReality applications. Some applications such as shooter games need to … Continue reading

Creating a news zipper display using JavaScript

When used appropriately, a news zipper can give life to a web page by giving special emphasis to timely headlines. The page belows uses it to update readers on Minecon 2015 in London. The code relies on the JavaScript setInterval and the text substring commands. The central part of the code is var msgLength = 70; … Continue reading