How to plot a table of values in R

Displaying a table of values in a plot is often a useful supplement to the graphs presented. In addition, plotted tables can be output as png or pdf files. The following is a table plotted to a png file using R. Plotting is done by Creating a blank plotting surface with coordinates for placing the … Continue reading

EEG BinaryPacket readings decoded using R

By Elliot Noma The mindwave mobile produced by Neurosky allows one to monitor brain processes over a bluetooth connection. Neurosky publishes manuals on the use, communications protocol and data analysis of the outputs. In this post I describe how I extract the signal from the socket interface using R. A new record can be retrieved … Continue reading

Highlighting regions in a scatter plot by solving the pulley problem

The R code used to generate the graphs is available in the PlotRegionHighlighter package in CRAN The challenge of data visualization is presenting more information without overwhelming the viewer. A scatter plot with items represented as points in two dimensions is one way to present a large volume of data. For instance, the following graph … Continue reading

The geometry of a colorful Venn Plot

The following steps are needed to build a colorful Venn Plot. I will first identify the overlap of two circles followed by the steps needed to construct the 4-item plot. Identifying the overlap between two circles of different sizes Coloring the intersection of two circles requires identification of the the number of degrees of arc … Continue reading