Get Windows 10 running on a Raspberry Pi

How to get Windows 10 IoT Core running on a Raspberry Pi

There are at least two suggested ways to get #Windows 10 #IoT Core installed and running on a #Raspberry #Pi 3. Installing directly from the Microsoft distribution site to the micro SD card did NOT work for me.

To install Windows 10, I first installed the NOOBS operating system on a formatted micro SD card and used NOOBS on the Pi to install Windows 10. Format the micro SD card and download and unzip NOOBS to the card using the links in

Boot up the SD card on the Pi and select Window 10 when asked which operating system to install (as an aside, the pre-installed versions of NOOBS on some SD cards may have Raspbian as the sole OS option). You will need to enter (or create a new) Microsoft account name. You will also need to pick a version, but as far as I know either version will work.

After several minutes, you’ll be asked for your country and wi-fi password. If you want to learn more about what you can do after that, see my post in NewYorkTechJournal to a presentation by Nick Landry.


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